November 30, 2007



Although many of my posts left something to be desired, and I had the near miss back on November 2nd when Blogger was working against me and I had to post on Ning instead of this here page, I managed to pull through.

Drinking now.


Manuel said...

damn well done.....did you not find it addictive in the end?

AliBlahBlah said...


dive said...

I genefluct unworthily in your general direction, Fresh.
You did it!
Congrats! Time to get drunk.

Fresh Hell said...

Manuel~ Totally freaking addicitve. I'm thinking about posting something today. Mebbe.

Ali~ Back at ya, sista!

Dive~ Thank you, thank you. (tearing up and waving as I take a stroll down the catwalk wiht my roses, crown and sash)

Drink I did . . . damage control now.

Art said...

Congrats! And, nice tattoo ;)

savannah said...

congrats! well done, sugar!

(thanks for stopping by and leaving your sweet comments)

Leigh said...

Just like that??? I don't think it is that easy to walk!

Fresh Hell said...

Art~ Thanks! I'm all about the ink, my friend.

Savannah~ Thanks, sista! You're the bomb!

Leigh~ If only it was so easy to turn tale and run! Now that I can breathe once again, it occurs to me that I may have other BS to go on about. ;-)