November 4, 2007


Once again, I am going to a wedding. Thankfully, not mine. This time around, I will be travelling to a little country north of the Mexican border commonly known to people in the know as Tejas. A State the rest of the world knows as Texas. A very good friend of mine, who is probably the smartest person I know (she got her Ph.D. in atmospheric sciences because she though it would be fun to figure stuff out using non-linear math, for the love of Einstein!) , is getting married to a native son of Texas. The good news is that she is of the "unconventional bride" mindset. She is also absolutely wacky-doodle about Star Wars so I am hoping that some non-traditional thematic undertones will present themselves at the reception.

This is the first wedding in years that I have not been dreading. There will be lots of brainiacs and geeks in attendance, and her family is a total kick in the seat so I anticipate that it will be thoroughly entertaining.

The other slice of good news about this whole affair is that I will be flying into Austin, Texas where I will have some quality time with my best friend, Miss M. Can I tell y'all that this lady feeds my soul? She does. She's also the subject of this post. To say that we are intimate friends, puts it gently. We shall laugh, we shall cry, we shall drink red wine by the cowboy hat full, and we shall likely smoke cigarettes like bad girls. Self-destructive, sure, but that is what being reunited with good friends is all about.

The bad news is that I must post to this here blog every day. That, dear friends, will be challenging. Don't get me wrong, I am up to it. Just don't expect any miraculous feats of authorship to cross your screen. Though tall tales from Tejas may be entertaining and littered with alliteration.


savannah said...

you're doing just fine, sugar! best wishes to your friend ( i was goingto add a star wars joke, but naw, it was too lame for even me)

Art said...

Hope you have a great trip!

Full said...

Fresh, you MUST go dressed as Princess Leia.
Have a great time but do try to remember what happens so that we can all enjoy it too.
A blog a day sounds like tough going so milk it for all you can.

Mrs. G. said...

It just so happens I love alliteration. I'll just be sittin' over here waiting. No pressure.

Have a blast.

Fresh Hell said...

Savannah~ I think that there is a general concensus that corney Star Wars jokes get forgiven as everyone deep in their hearts likes them more than they admit.

Art~ Thanks, I am sure it will be.

Full~ I actually look just like Princess Leia. Most of the time like her in chains before Jabba the Hut.

Mrs. G~ You are a lady after my own heart.