November 29, 2007

Good Day

Some days, things just come together nicely.

Upon arriving at the office, my boss came in to see me. After the disaster which was my annual review (and nervous breakdown), I wasn't expecting anything fantastic from him. However, he informed me that he was able to give me a raise and it will be retroactive to my anniversary date (in July, at which time this year was when I started hemorrhaging cash . . . bad).

Then I was invited to three parties. All quite suddenly my anti-social ass has a social agenda. One of these parties is a Truly Horrible Holiday Sweater party. Since I am all about style and class, I don't own such a sweater.

On my way home from work, I went by my local thrift store to find such a beast and I found a horrible holiday sweater, but not a TRULY horrible holiday sweater. I won't be winning any awards for that. The good news is that I found four really gorgeous wool sweaters and two brand new cast iron pots (a small dutch oven and a large wok shaped pan) without a shadow of rust. Yippee!! I love new cookware!

I have not yet decided whether I will unravel to recycle the yarn or keep the sweaters as they are. Oh and each for $5.50 a throw. I feel rich. (even though I failed at getting an appropriately hideous sweater for the party)

On top of all that good fortune, two fellows in my office were having their birthdays. There was cake! Uh-huh! Cake! I even got accused of talking dirty while eating cake (which I was). So I asked, "Doesn't everyone talk dirty when eating cake? Isn't it the most natural thing you can do?" Yes, they also accused me of being a wacky Californian (which I am).


Art said...

Talking dirty whilst eating cake is perfectly natural... or so I'm told. Also, I am violently allergic to wool. If I wear a wool coat, I have to make sure I wear a long sleeved shirt with a high collar or I'll be scratching 'til blood pours. Wool pants, naturally, are out of the question! No idea why I'm telling you all this but it seemed like a good idea when I began...

Leigh said...

All that good luck and to top it off cake. Wow I need some of your day. Can I borrow some. Have a great weekend.

dive said...

Wow! What an awesome day, Fresh.
It must be your reward for having survived NaBloPoMo.
Well done!

Fresh Hell said...

Art~ Good thing you live in an area where wool isn't a necessity. I'd be desperate without it. If I couldn't knit . . . the horror!

Leigh~ I know! It's crazy, no? You are welcome to a slice of my day.

Dive~ Every once in a while, gravity wins and the pendulum swings back in th other direction. I couldn't go on having my ass kicked forever.

Thanks! Now all I have to do is remember to post for the last day of November . . .