November 17, 2007

Gratuitous Confession

Confession: I loves me some country music. NEVER pop country! However, I can't get enough of some fine ol' honkey tonkin' goodness. There, I've said it. Don't judge me!


Andraste said...

I loves me some country too.

HOWEVER - you are right about pop country. It is VILE. Especially post-9/11 country. Am I right? Unbelievable.

dive said...

Me too, Fresh.

Confession: Back in the late seventies, when punk was fading and synthesizers ruled the planet, the only job a flashy guitar player could get was playing country.
I served four years in country bands before getting paroled when music came to its senses again.

Yee and Haw!

Fresh Hell said...

Andraste~ You are so right. That horrid inexcusable racist, pro-God, pro-America crap gives me a sour stomach.

Dive~ There was some good country going on in the late seventies. I was really seduced by the country punk movement in the early eighties. I’ve always been the type to research the history of any music that sings to my soul, so imagine the can of worms that seduction opened!

Scout said...

Dive, your confession is shocking! I could listen to Flats and Scruggs all day long.