November 20, 2007


Upon pulling into my office's parking lot this morning, snow started flurrying down upon my car. Looking out the window now, it is actually snowing, there is accumulation, and everything. I have but one thing to say about this:


The weather Gods have smiled down upon New England and the odious lingering breath of summer is abated.

It will make for an interesting drive out to Northampton, for the Tegan and Sara concert tonight, but I'm up for it. Small effort in the name of rock and roll. Coming back will be the big test, but I love driving in the snow.


Art said...

Snow? Wow. It's 65 degrees here in Middle Tennessee. I like the warmth but I'm ready for some true autumn weather.

Scout said...

I don't mind snow driving either. Currently, it's a balmy 64 degrees here, and the same is predicted for tomorrow. It's nearly Thanksgiving, for Pete's sake!

dive said...

Brrrr … You're welcome to it, Fresh. I hate the stupid stuff. I'm old now and I've had too many freezing bloody winters.
Enjoy it!

laughykate said...

You actually LIKE the cold ? Today it's supposed to be 27 degrees (your 80) and I've got a wee spring in my step and am brimming with delight about the next three months of heat.

Fresh Hell said...

Art~ I'm sure the glorious chill of autumn will find you soon.

Enjoy church (the Rev) and H3 tonight!! You are in for a treat!

Robin~ It's already warmed up and melted away all the snow. It makes me pouty, but it's for the best. I still haven't had a chance to take out my AC window boxes and doing that is not much fun in the middle of a noreaster.

Oh c'mon, Dive. Getting out in the snow before the plows and everyone else has muddied it up . . . it's one of the most beautiful things there is.

People tend to think that Californians are incapable of being in cold, but they don't really have the perspective of growing up bodysurfing throughout the winter. You get used to having cold bones. It makes a girl tougher than most of the New Englanders I meet who unpack the parkas when it gets under 60 degrees and crank up the heat to an oppressive 80 degrees. Gads!

Laughy Kate~ Guilty. I love the cold. I also love the hot, but only when it is desert hot (says the girl who was reared in a coastal desert). Humidity is lame. I'll never understand why people live in the tropics. Blek!

Old Knudsen said...

just wait until ya break a hip then its like holy water to a vampire.

Fresh Hell said...

Ah Soren, that's presuming that I'll live long enough to have brittle bones. Not bloody likely, love.

Good to see your face at the gates.

AliBlahBlah said...

Happy Turkey Day for tomorrow. I tagged you on a meme, things to be thankful for. I'm sure one of them will be NaBloPoMo ending and taking with it these incessant memes.

To do or not to do, I don't really care any more. Beyond burned out. Need wine.

Fresh Hell said...

God love you Ali!! You have given me an easy out for tomorrow's post. I heart you.

Have a great T-Day. Best to all the peeps in SB!