November 14, 2007

Slipping Into Madness. . .

This has been one of those days when I just want to quit. Freaking everything. I'm already fantasizing about the beautiful sleep I'll be getting on my Simmons Beautyrest Enchantment Plush Pillow Top. It is my new bed, it is my new buoy.

A bunch of stuff I set up at the office to get done so that everything would be on track upon my return were supremely fucked up by:

a) my analytical lab

b) FedEx

c) one of my drilling subcontractors

d) a property owner of a site I manage

e) the demanding God damned nature of my boss (Umm, Fresh, that project I gave you the middle of last week is not progressing as quickly as I'd like it to . . . Umm, I was out of town since then, Fucker!) . Lovely to have that off my chest.

As promised, a collection from the Great Tejas Adventure of November 2007.

Speaking of chest, remember how Miss M mentioned that hers was HUGE? Here's proof:

Sista is busty!

And as I'm sure you were all waiting to see . . . I'm coming out to you, my loves. I sang at the top of my lungs, and this is what it looked like:

I couldn't tell if the red-eye reducer made me more scary looking than the red eyes were to begin with.

And singing from the bottom of my lungs:

The next day wasn't nearly as pretty. I'm sure you're surprised.

This guy was crocked too, and a totally fantastic dancer with an exceptional sense of style.

He also was on the barfing merry-go-round come morning. It was funny to watch. Especially since I wasn't the morning after barfing girl.

I'll finish with a little of what we gazed at on the drive home:

Yeah, Texas gives good sky.


Anonymous said...

May the bed spirits of Bruce and Tricia rest in peace (insert shudder here). Mama C

Art said...

Wait, I'm confused. Which one is the picture of you? Are you the busty one or the cute exotic-looking one? Never mind - who cares. All the lady pictures were quite lovely... the geeky guy I could have done without. But in all honesty, I didn't really comprehend much anything about your post after that cleavage photo. Sorry.

dive said...

Woohoo, Fresh!
You've been hiding your utter "babe"ness from us for far too long.
Dammit! You make me feel like a pervy old man.
Okay, so I AM a pervy old man, but this kind of thing just makes it worse.
More, please.

Scout said...

hee hee. I used to have a friend with encephalitis. He looked just like your dancer fellow there.

You, on the other hand, look lovely.

Andraste said...

Nice rack!

AliBlahBlah said...

Love the demonic red eyes!

Jay Cam said...

lol thats not singing.. it looks like giving birth!

ellie said...

Wow ... your a beautiful lady. Lovely to see your face :)

Fresh Hell said...

Mama~ Now I'm sleeping sweetly on a super deluxe princess bed. Sometimes, there is a catastropy payoff.

Art~ Thanks! I’m the cute exotic one. No problem about losing focus after seeing the boobies. I know few who aren’t mesmerized by them.

Dive~ Thanks! And the pervy (not so) old man factor is a huge part of your charm.

Scout~ Awwww shucks, thanks!

Andraste~ Sista’s got it going on, no?

Aliblahblah~ You should have seen the demonic red eyes come sunrise. Rough morning.

Jay Cam~ I’d imagine giving birth would involve a lot more strangling of anyone in arms reach.

Ellie~ I’m blushing. It’s even lovelier to see yours, darlin’.