November 11, 2007

Tyler, Texas

This is the sad product of me forgetting to bring along my camera to Ginny's Little Longhorn Saloon. Camera phones are just not any good for taking indoor/night pictures. The fleeting 30 second video clip I recorded on the camera phone was not much better.

We spent far too long on the road today. Instead of heading over to the saloon for Chickenshit Bingo tonight, we will be jumping in the shower to wash the road scum off us and put our sauciest outfits for the wedding. Yes, we shall be showering together. It will put a subtle air of naughtiness on us for the ceremony. Won't that be festive?

Miss M here - Said blog authtress is full of it. I am far too much of a woman for her and furthermore she is not my type AT ALL. Aside from scrubbibg too hard with the wash cloth , er, rag, she's become an east coast erudite, which is tragic and nauseating. Talking all about the North End and all *blek*. Sure, I'll probably get way too drunk and go ahead and stick my tongue down her throat later, but that will be merely a testemonial to the bottomless glass and the booze that fills it - y'all!


savannah said...

whatever happens...happens just have a good time, sugar! ;-)

dive said...

As teaser trailers for the next post go, this one is right up there with the best.
The morning is almost over here, Fresh; haul your lazy ass out of bed and let us know what happened next!