November 13, 2007

Never Leave Home

Because you may come back to chaos and floods.

Upon return to my humble abode:

1) The key to the front entry way to my apartment building no longer works.

2) My front door is locked, but the lock on my front door to which I have a key no longer exists. (The back door lock still works . . . phwew!)

3) The apartment above mine had a catastrophic leak and water came cascading down from the light fixture in my bedroom directly on to my bed and soaking through to the downstairs apartment. My bed is gone.

Shortly, my landlord will be coming over to take me to pick out a brand new bed. I should be furious, but I can not seem to stop laughing about it.

Will get Texas pictures up soon.


Manuel said...

never mind Texas I wanna see flooded apartment.........oh and sorry about that.....

Mrs. G. said...

Well I am happy that you can see the humor in such a sucky situation. Stay dry.

Art said...

Geez! I think I'd be down with the furious and then some - laughing very little. You must be one of those even keeled, what-me-worry types.

Scout said...

"the sky is falling" is the perfect label for this post. What a welcome home--at least you get new stuff out of the whole thing.

BOSSY said...

Oy - this is why Bossy often Just Says No to fun adventures.

Full said...

I had a "mate" living in a flat above mine a few years back.
He installed his own heating, it flooded my flat.
He bought a second hand washing machine, it flooded my flat.
He decided to run a new water supply into his flat through mine. He broke the mains pipe under my kitchen floor while I was at work and I had no water for three days while someone had to dig up my floor and put everything right.

You are right to laugh, it is the only solution.

Dry out soon.

AliBlahBlah said...

Bloody Hell!! That's what happens if you're wondering what the hell you're going to post about next I suppose.

I had a friend in college who was hiding a cache of home-brew under his bed, which exploded shooting shards of glass up through the mattress. Beds - dangerous things.

Andraste said...

Yeesh! you're surprisingly calm and collected about it. I'd have been a wreck. A fuming, red hot pile of indignation and woe, I tell you.

But you'll get a couple of blog posts out of it.

Hey, have you been to Shopper's Cafe yet? Right there on Moody? SPOUSE and I discovered it recently. Cheap and surprisingly friendly with decent food and service.

Fresh Hell said...

Manuel~ Fortunately, I missed most of the excitement with the flooding. If I had actually seen it, I would have been in a puddle in more ways than one.

Mrs. G~ I'm trying to dry out but as the day has progressed, floods of stupid crap falling apart keep surging around my ankles. I fear it's all in vain.

Art~ After the 8th thing went badly wrong today, I transitioned from resolutely amused to pistol poppin' fucking furious. It's 8:20 and I've just gotten home from work. Judas Priest!

Scout~ The brand new super-duper extra fancy bed for free is great consolation.

Bossy~ Welcome to the Gates! Fun adventures always seem like such a good idea when one embarks on them. Then . . . the fates go rearing their nasty heads. 'Sno good, I say.

Full~ It's fantastic that I've got someone who understands my plight so intimately. I'm having carpet mold fear. Gah!

Ali~ Usually beds are dangerous in the fun way. This . . . not so fun.

Andraste~ I just drove past Shoppers and had all I could do to keep from parking in the middle of Moody and stomping in demanding everything they've got behid the left half of the bar. I've never made it in, but it's in fantastic stagaring distance from my house. It burned down about a year ago and they re-built it all shiny and pretty with the gorgeous copper trim. I really must get me there soon. Give a holler if you return and I'll pull on my staggering boots and join you.