July 31, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

The dog days have arrived. All around me the love affair with heat seems to be growing stale. The air is thick with sticky, oppressive heat. I'll be glad when it starts to snow again. In the meantime, I'm initiating an escape.

I'm off to California for a couple of weeks. Dry heat will clear my head, it always does. While I'm there, I will watch my 9 year old step-sister dance flamenco at Santa Barbara's Annual Old Spanish Days Fiesta. This five day festival is all about the world I grew up in.

This is the sista getting her flamenco on a couple of years ago.

I'll visit with much family, eat disgusting amounts of Mexican food, go to the rodeo, finally get some decent clam chowder, and with any luck, meet my new niece who is due to arrive on August 10th. Yesterday my aunt who lives in Indiana called to tell me she's planning to hijack part of my vacation. She and my cousin are coming out and demanding a slice of my vacation time. I was planning on spending as much time as possible with family who actually live there, and any surplus time was dedicated to being on vacation... doing things that bring me peace... things that don't involve family obligation. Usually when I go "home" or on vacation I want to be alone and not have any more obligations than I do in day to day life. That ship is steaming up and heading out of the harbor. New rule for next year: no vacations with or to anywhere that involves family. Look out, Dive. You may have another wayward sojourner on your door-step.


Art said...

I hope you have a wonderful trip!

Old Knudsen said...

Dive is the only reason anyone should go to London, its a shit hole, the only men in skirts there are the poofs.

Anonymous said...

Have a great trip hun, and i so want that dress.

dive said...

You're more than welcome anytime, Fresh.
And we want lots of photos from your vacation, please!
And I so want to see Old K in that dress (or perhaps I should keep my fantasies to myself).

AliBlahBlah said...

Yes, I read your post, but If you don't bother visiting then you're dead to us.

Seriously, who wouldn't want to hang out and get some Milp-ass?

Rich said...

Goucho Amigo!!!

Eddie Waring said...

You know how to get a hold of me should you need a break from the madness of family reunions.

Jocelyn said...

Couldn't agree with you more about the family not equalling vacation thing.

But those flamenco photos? Kicking it.

Fresh Hell said...

Thanks, Art! Working on that right now.

Knudsen~ Poofs in skirts don't scare me. But Dive is certainly reason enough to hop the puddle.

Kate~ Wait til you see the pictures. I want to step back in time and live in a world where you get to wear fantastic dresses all the time.

Dive~ I've been leaving my camera in the able hands of my seven year old niece. The pictures are phenominal!

Ali~ I found the Hendricks for LK. It looks like we'll be having another meeting of the minds.

Rich~ Goucho amigo and Gaucho proud!! (Also a Vaquero and a Don.)

Eddie~ I'll be in contact tomorrow!

Jocelyn~ Flamenco is my life... at least this week it is.

Rhea said...

Dry heat, wet heat. It's all hot.

Dear Prudence said...

Hope you are having fun, hurry back we miss you!

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savannah said...

sooooooo....are you still out in cali? i was in la jolla!!! great pics, sugar!

dive said...

Hey, Fresh!
Like Savannah says, did you love California so much you stayed there?
We miss you.
And we need to see your photos.

ellie said...

Welcome back. Great photos, Lil Fresh has a good eye. Hope all is well with you x