July 6, 2007

Mmmmm... Beer Fairy

Today was a ripping day at the office. At least, it ended up that way. Work has been kicking my ass cruelly over the past few weeks. There is no end in sight to boot. Everyone in the office has been mustering the gumption to endure a massive glut of work that has to be completed... like... yesterday dammitt! None of us really have much of a tether left to hold us together and most of us are looking for better, stronger glue at this point. As an example of how this is playing out, one of my colleagues collapsed at the office the other day. He's 29, strong, healthy, and a bit strapping. He was taken to the hospital: EKG, MRI, CAT, blood pressure shooting through the roof. The problem: too much stress, not enough sleep and nourishing food, and too much coffee (as if that's possible!). Grim.

Today, during the last couple of hours at the office, my boss made rounds to the staff's offices. When he stopped by mine, he handed over my mid-year bonus. Big smiles all around. I don't deserve it and we both know it but I'm going to spend that bitch like a mother fucker! Good times are here, my friends. By the time he was through touring the halls, the mood was high and productivity was on an upswing.

Friday... extra cash... what more could anyone want? It seemed that the end of the day couldn't be improved.

And then...

I looked at the door, and once again my boss was touring the halls. This time not with a stack of envelopes in his hand. Nay. This time he was doling out beer to all takers. Now, I'm many types of a fool on many days, but I'm never the fool who refuses the Beer Fairy when he pauses at my door.

This is what the end of my workday looked like.

Insert moony-eyed sigh here.

Have a great weekend y'all! I'll be stuck at the Charlie Foxtrot commonly known in these parts as, "The Cape".


Flounder said...

Best. Boss. Ever.

Fresh Hell said...


Jocelyn said...

Wait a minute...work sucks because the boss hands you extra money and then beer?

ellie said...

Newkie Brown !!! I thought you meant you had to do the foxtrot after drinking it .... all the way to the loo!

Eddie Waring said...

That's a handy "Table of The Elements" coffee mug you have there. Nice to see you are putting it to good use as a pen holder but then again, how often do you need to reference the symbol for promethium whilst on a coffee break?

Andraste said...

Bonuses? BEER?

Where do you work? I'm sending in my resume!

ellie said...

Well spotted Mr Waring. The periodic table always makes me think of my son. When asked, in an exam, what the hardest element on the periodic table was he answered ... Mr Johnston (his chemistry teacher) Needless to say I got a phone call from the school!

Fresh Hell said...

Jocelyn~ Nah. Work sucks because it's hard and stressful. The extra money and beer is great.

Ellie~ At the end of the day, I'll take what I can get. Free Beer tasts better. And it goes down better as well. Just another bit of icing on the cake.

Eddie~ Don't mock. You know that beyond my cool-chick exterior I'm horribly geeky. I've used the mug for reference coungtless times. I have such a hard time keeping the odd elements straight: W from wolframite but representing tungston, Sn from stannum but representing tin, Sb for Stibnite but representing antimony. It's all so confusing.

Andraste~ We're badly shorthanded so if you are looking to be overloved, underpaid, overworked, and underlaid... we can probably accomodate you.

ellie~ That boy is nothing but trouble, you trouble-maker mama!

Eddie Waring said...

No. It's cool. It's just that the idea that someone would ever find themselves in a position where they were in need of both coffee and a periodic table of the elements makes me question what I'm doing with my life. I took chemistry in high school and might have been quite good at it had I shown up to the lessons when I should have. Anybody who actually uses a table of the elements has my respect.

When are you doing your meme? :)

Fresh Hell said...

Eddie~ For the record, I dropped chemistry in high school because apparently they wanted me to attend class after lunch and that just didn't work out with my social agenda. it wasnt until I was well into my 20's that I actually was able to attend the classes and keep awake in them.

You fucker.