July 13, 2007

BIG and Strapping Drillers

As a follow up on my work activities today… This is what the office looked like:

Note the BIG and robust men handling steel rod. Saying that makes me feel a little like a 13 year old. :)

Drillers are a special sort. They travel a lot and are able to find a strip club anywhere they go. It’s like a sixth sense for them. Seriously, stop by any drill rig and ask any one of them and they’ll be able to tell you exactly where to go. If there is more than one in any given town, they’ll tell you which is better and which has the best priced beers.

I once went drilling with a crew from Ohio at a landfill site in Los Angeles. I know, I know… the life I lead is beyond glamorous. I mention they were from Ohio, because although there are a lot of lovely people from Ohio, a certain breed of wing-nut hails from there as well.

It was around the time that the movie “Jackass” was in theaters. These yay-hoos brought a stun gun with them to play “Who is the Most Testosterone-Laden He-Man?” at the hotel in the evenings. They would increase the voltage and shock each other to see who could take the most.

Stupid? Infantile? You bet!

It got worse. One morning at the landfill, a driller’s helper on the crew was having a slow go of it. Out of curiosity, I asked if he was hung over or if he had a late night at the titty bar. They all started giggling like adolescents. They then confessed to me that this particular guy pushed the testosterone game to its source and had shocked himself in the testes.

Cringe fellas. There is no way that this could have been a comfortable endeavor.

Drillers… They are “Special”.


Anonymous said...

The Jackass movies and Dirty Sanchez movies were a pain in the arse with the kids at work. We had kids coming hom eafter snorting wasabi.

Eddie Waring said...

Nice work with the meme. Don't you feel better now?
I promise I will never do that to you again. Tie me up and call me Gloria if I tell a lie.

Jocelyn said...

Wow. When you were thirteen, you would have used the word "robust"?

Heh. I don't, as you might intuit here, have any driller stories to relate.

You always give me a smirk or a smile or a chortle. Thanks for that!

dive said...

Whooee, Fresh!
Are you going in for the gay calendar photographer job?

Fresh Hell said...

Get this: I'm the boss of those guys!! Heh!

savannah said...

LMBO...you are so right! a special breed...like oil workers

dive said...

You're the boss of those guys and you let them wear clothes?

ellie said...

Cool job, you discuss strip joints and beer I get to discuss cathetars and mucus ... it's not fair!

ellie said...
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Sassy Sundry said...

Is it wrong of me to say that Jackass made me laugh myself sick?

So did this post.

Old Knudsen said...

Lets hope the shock will prevent him from breeding.

I must be getting old as I look at jackass and think what dicks these guys are, maybe when I was 16 I'd laugh at them.

Fresh Hell said...

Kate~ Those movies bring out the lowest and most mentally challenged elemsnt.

Eddie~ I do feel better.

Jocelyn~ I actually did use words like "robust" at 13. Damned TV free living!

Savannah~ They are VERY MUCH SO like oil workers!

Dive~ Letting them wear clothes was a gross oversight on my part. Won't make that mistake again.

Ellie~ Yeah, but I bet you don't constantly have dirt under your fingernails!

Sassy~ I think we are the same breed of sicko.

Knudsen~ They are dicks, but it's funny to watch them put themselves in pain. They call it dope for a reason.