January 13, 2007

Random Flotsam and Jetsam

My big idea today was to get cracking on writing the long ago promised tale of killing my mother. As the fates have it, I did get a bite into it but not as far as I'd like to so you (my only reader) will have to just keep coming on back to see if that black cloud has slid across the screen at Fresh Hell Central.

I had a little revelation about a comment I made about randy married men hitting on me and trying to convince me that their wives are dried up and supremely lacking in sex drive. Usually these guys have wives that are pretty close to me in age. I'll tell you what... About every single woman I know who is in my age group, married or not is endlessly griping about how their fellas don't put out anywhere near enough to keep them satisfied. So I'm thinking that either these men are full of shit and just want some fresh tuna, or all the ladies I know are total freaking nymphomaniacs, myself included. So yeah, I'm throwing the gauntlet out there to all you men in your 30's and 40's. Go dig something out of your wives or lady friends if you aren't a matrimony sort! I dare you! I double dog dare you!! Hell, it's the dead of winter so we should all be getting busy like teenagers!

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a picture I took on a particularly long walk today:

To take this picture, I had to lie down in the dirt. I didn't realize how wet it was until I got up and had that moist clingy feeling on the backside of my trousers. And then the wind picked up which would help to alleviate that moist posterior situation, except that it was about 40 degrees F, so I just got a frigid ass and a groovy twilight picture out of the deal. Note to self: Walk earlier and stay out of the mud.

I decided to take pictures on my walks to record the world around me, entertain y'all, and see if I actually have an eye for pictures. That, and I just got a new camera with a 1Gig memory card. Also, every once in a while, I get inspired to take lotsa pictures. Last night I saw Born into Brothels about the children of sex workers in the red light districts of Calcutta, India. Some documentarian moved in and gave a whole mess of kids cameras and taught them about photography and some of the pictures they took were amazing. So of course, being slightly narcissistic, I've convinced myself that my pictures would be just as good as pre-adolescent Indian children of questionable lineage. Deluded?... You betcha!


Eddie Waring said...

Yeah. Wet arse + cold wind = misery. Almost as bad as wet socks. Bleak image which remids me of home. As far as the writing goes, don't rush it. Maybe guys who say that about their wives just aren't pushing the right buttons, flicking the right switches?

RICH said...

intersting post. I think the marriage thing is over rated though. It's natural for a married couple to have sex dwindle down to almost nothing. That's because we all get so busy with our lives that sex always is the one thing that takes a back seat so to speak.

doesn't mean we like it though!!

Fresh Hell said...

Rich: It's a pity that so many couples don't make a point of attending to their phyisical relationship. It's just a small aspect of the relationship on a whole, but it is a fundamental glue in the intimacy aspect which is a big definer of what makes a couple a couple and not just good friends.