January 16, 2007

Lust Lost

I ran into the subject of this post and this post tonight. What can I say? The man is no good. He's nothing but trouble. But he makes my teeth sweat like they've been running a marathon.

Must PMS always be such a rollercoaster?


Eddie Waring said...

I was going to write something crass like "Teresa is my daughters name" (it really is), but then you admitted that it was a big fib and you made it up, thereby reducing the crassness of it all and allowing me to do so without feeling like an arse.
What can I say? This guy is a turd, not your average turd but one of those big ones that won't flush away. They look like Barney Rubble's car and you have to break them up with a wire coat hanger so that they will flush. You know what I mean, or maybe you don't. Anyway ignore the fucker next time you see him. I have been absolutely wankered many a time, I have said unforgiveable shit to many a girl, but never have I stooped so low to claim that I didn't remember 'cause I was pished. Damn his eyes!

Fresh Hell said...

Teresa actually is my middle name. I've just always used it as a pen name. Look at me coming out of the blog closet! I hope you don't pronounce it Terisa. I think it sound a lot prettier as with soft e's (Terehsa)... and now... you must think I'm a snob and an asshole... wouldn't be the first time.

Good call on the cad. Since the "episode" I've been to busy with work to step into my local watering hole so ignoring him has worked out. The bastard was just in front of my house (en route to said watering hole) when I pulled up last night. Methinks he might be a drunk. I've never been to the aforementioned pub without seeing him there. Telling.

RICH said...

Sweating teeth eh? hmmm why is it you are attracted to guys like him?

do you know?

Fresh Hell said...

Rich: I've got a few theories about why I'm attracted to guys like him. Including, but not limited to a lifetime history of self-destructive behavior, and an admitted array of comittment issues. What can I say... I'm flawed.