December 7, 2006

Misguided Elders

I have a myspace page. And no, you can't have the address lest my secret identity be divulged. Anyhow, yesterday a Boston cop sent me an email. He's 44 years old and married and looking for "new friends" to meet for a drink and all. Anyhow... I splained to him that I didn't particularly dig married guys, but if he was looking for friends, I'm on-board. Now I only am on-board on account of him actually being a nice fella and interesting to talk to (for the record, we graduated to phone conversations). Now before you get all... How can she be so damned naive! Phft!! I'm compelled to share that I'm not so doe-eyed. I've talked to a lot of married guys and they all have a few things in common. Most amusing and predictable of them being that each and every single married guy who starts sniffing around looking for some extra-marital hi jinks always makes a big show about explaining how his wife doesn't like to have sex, is frigid, doesn't like to kiss, eee-tee-cee!! And this one in particular is claims to be totally invested in his marriage in that he has no desire to ever leave his wife. So here I am, talking to this married guy and explaining that I would have an extremely difficult time taking out another woman's trash and he says that he would be ok with not "hooking up" but he still wants to get together and have a beer or coffee or something. Uh-hunh... Anyhow, I'm still not sure if I really want to meet this guy, but I always like to see who is able to be so committed to their marriage, and in the same breath be totally resolved in getting nasty with another woman. Honestly, no mile of fine-ass cock is enough cock to make that kind of pathetic mid-west housewife drama worthwhile. Phft backed up with a little bit of tscha mutha fucka!

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Graeme said...

I know exactly what you mean. The number of strange people from the other side of the country/world who "want to be friends" is disturbing.

I love your descriptions of life. You've got a great writing style - very witty and fun to read. Keep it up. I'll be checking back to find out how it all turns out :-)

And good luck to both of us finding the sweaty, wild sex we're looking for in 2007.

Have a good one.