December 31, 2006

Ahhhh New Years

Work is crazy, overwhelming and all encompassing. So, I've taken the wise route of not reveling in the usual New Years hi-jinks and chosen to stay in with a bowl of popcorn and Sex in the City.

As the evening has pressed on, I decided to go ahead and live a little fancy on such a big (giggling) night. At ten o'clock, I suckled up to the fine juniper teat of some magnificent high-end gin in the pure and simple form of a martini. Still loving the holidays.

Tomorrow is a big day at the office. I'm going to have to lay my wary head to rest soon. With any luck, that will begin before tomorrow happens.

Happy New Year, Y'all!!!

1 comment:

Graeme said...

:-) Spawn til you die?

Thanks for the comment on my pics. The worst thing is that the salmon have a better sex life than me :-(

Happy New Year from the cold, wet and windy Scotland.