December 4, 2006

Happy Holidays Y'all!!!

So I've been thinking since this morning when I last had something to say... that is, I last had the opportunity to say something I wasn't being paid to say... and since I'm ethically resistant to blogging on the company dime so I think on their dime but don't blog on their dime... I was thinking that I'm not sure if I will remain anonymous in this blog thing. Perhaps I'll come clean and allow you, Dear Internet, to know my identity, but for now and in the meantime, I remain anonymous. If and when anyone notices my presence here I'll consider outting myself. Not that I'm anyone of consequence or anything. I'm not a rock-star or supermodel or anything exceptional like that, just one girl (I know, I know, at 36 hardly a girl, but a woman is someone politically correct and a lady seems way more refined than I am so I maintain my identity that fits... girl) with a lot of disturbing thoughts floating around in my head that are going to be unceremoneously barfed into the internet to be done with as they will. So with that, I leave you to your own devices.

SWAK, Kitty Cats!

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