January 6, 2008

Happy 2008

Confession: I'm a bad blogger.

Someone should spank me . . . no, really, please . . . I'm in to that kind of thing. It's OK, though because my therapist doesn't think I'm much the worse for it so it's game on with a paddle.

I've been neglecting my blog and my blog pals for a month and I am truly sorry. Things have been busy: work, family, illness, not necessarily in that order. The other night I got fitfully crocked and hammered out some writing that I wanted to post, but I haven't had the guts to open it up and take a look at what sort of crazy talk I was spewing into the computer in the middle of the night, while soaked in red wine. I'll take a look and fix some typos and try to get it up soon so the blog goon squad carrying torches and pitch forks doesn't hunt me down to hurt me bad in a not so fun way.

Happy New Year, y'all!


Eddie Waring said...

I join you in your shame. We have both been bad bloggers over the last month or several.I too get regularly hammered and write shite. Speaking of which did that email make any sense? I was spectacularly looped when I wrote.

Fresh Hell said...

We should go sit in the corner to contemplate our misdeeds.

Not to worry about the email. I read it when I was spectacularly smashed so I was able to follow right along. I hope the festivities for the niblet worked out yesterday.

dive said...

Happy New Year, Fresh.
Glad you're back.
Drunk blogging is always a good idea (Hah!); I can't wait to see what lurks in your mind when it's marinaded in red wine.
By the way, I'm a cheapskate and find that a wooden spoon makes a damned fine paddle.

Fresh Hell said...

Apparently nothing interesting is released with red wine marinade.

I've been on the business end of a wooden spoon and I must say, they are way more wicked than a paddle designed for . . . well . . . paddling. The spoon makes a girl seriously reconsider her actions. Have you ever noticed that when you give small children all the most modern, shiny and state of the art toys, they end up playing with wooden spoons and pots and pans? I reckon that never really goes away.

dive said...

Yup, the spoon doesn't spread the impact like a paddle. Damn, I need to find someone to spank!
You're right about small kids. I just finished a new nursery at one of our schools and it's chock full of expensive toys. What's the kids' favourite? The big cardboard box the server came in. They use it as a den and won't part with it.

Andraste said...

Happy New Year! and don't feel bad about taking a little blogging break. Life takes over sometimes and typing into these little boxes, fun as it can be, definitely takes a back seat when other shite is going on.

Full said...

Hey Fresh, what about a spatula?

Or a fish slice, that would leave some cool marks!

Dear Prudence said...

I have a fast rule, no dialing drunk or blogging while swimming in red wine. We have missed you.

Rich said...

Now ya talking -over my knee young lady!!

Fresh Hell said...

Dive~ Totally Cool!

Andraste~ Thanks for validading my blog neglecting. You're the best!

Full~ I'd take a spatula beating from you, sugar-briches. Not so sure about a slice of fish, though. The marks that were all over me for about an hour when the ropes in the picture in the corner were removed were really cool looking. Ligature marks . . . dirty.

Prudence~ Thank you, thank you. I've missed y'all as well. Wise fast rules you've got there, sista!

Rich~ I had no idea you were an OTK kind of fella. *blushing*