October 27, 2007

November: The Taskmaster

It's rainy and cool outside. Things are looking up.

I drank too much red wine with my sister last night and I'm paying the price today. I'll soon be making an exodus to a grease factory to have potatoes and unhealthy meats in an attempt to sooth my aching head and make the dizzy feeling go away.

In other news, I've signed up for NaBloPoMo. The idea is that you post a blog entry every day for the month of November. It's madness I tell you. At my best I usually post a few times a month. This is effectively putting my feet in the fire. You'll be hearing an awful lot from me next month, and I fear that a lot of it will be pure unmitigated crap. Especially since I have two trips planned for several days each over the course of the month.

Hmmmm . . .

Perhaps this wasn't such a hot idea.

What drove me to dive into this exercise was reading random blogs from last year's National Blog Posting Month. It inspired me to start my own blog. At the time, I told myself that I'd participate this year once I'd gotten a feel for writing a blog. Well, It's a pain in the ass and I'm no good at it, but since I told myself I'd do it, I'm doing it. I do so hate to disappoint myself.

Plus, it's an opportunity to spread my germs to a blog population that tends to be clean and sanitized. Lovely people writing about lovely things. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I do like to be a stain on the linens.


sweetisu said...

Hey. Came across your blog via the Randomizer. I'm not a daily blogger type, and it's not easy to commit to daily blogging. BUT it's not half bad.. I did it last year and actually completed it. Although some of the posts were not very uh meaningful :-)

Good luck with the challenge!

I read over a few posts. I can't believe they actually refused charities, any charity. Wow.

Mrs. G. said...

There really is nothing like some fried potatoes to cure a hangover...though cheeseburgers and chocolate shakes work in a pinch.

laughykate said...

A old friend and I have a bit of a ritual to hangovers - these are for the biggies when the hangover takes over the day - post wedding hangovers etc. If it's the full force tornado equivalent of a hangover, generally the day needs to start with freshly squeezed orange juice and after that the nutritional value of the food will deteriorate - there will be a big greasy fry up (chips etc) and at some point there will be a bowl of potato chips and the reduced cream dip which is made with dried onion soup mix. (Do you guys have that ? It's very 1978.) The chips and dip will generally be consumed in front of a nostalgic DVD - possibly from the Working Title stable. The day will end with thai takeaways, trash television and possibly a wee glass of wine to send you to gently to sleep. (No talking necessary during trash television).

Sassy Sundry said...

Hope you're feeling better. Do the post-a-day thing. I knew that I couldn't (have to travel for work for five days and won't be able to blog), but I really loved reading all of the random posts. If you get stuck, do those meme things. In November, totally acceptable.

Roommate and I went out last night to watch the game. Many beers. Shockingly enough, I feel OK.

AliBlahBlah said...

Good girl! Looking forward to failing miserably in good company....

I know what you mean about those damn sanitized blogs. A friend wanted to link his homemade surfboards to my site the other day, then laughed and said 'as long as it's not too controversial'.

I think I may have to start introducing some kitties to church.

savannah said...

greasy food and then sleep..at least that used to work ;-) now it's just sleep it off and eat whatever is given to me. looking forward to your NaBloPoMo entries! too much pressure for me, sugar

Manuel said...

Best of luck with that then. I have posted more this month than any before. But if I had to do it, as in I agreed to do it for a month, I just wouldn't. Oh the pressure.....

Kate Isis said...

The secret to posting every day is simple, do ahead posts. When your in the mood to write you write more than one and leave the extra one in your drafts then when your in a no blog day its already there for you to publish.
I have three cheat days a week, melee on monday, abc wednesday and thunderbolt friday, all easy to do and it means i really only have to think the other four days of the week.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Scout said...

I'm probably one of the sanitized ones. But welcome to NaBloPoMo. It really is madness. I don't know why I signed up to do it again this year--I'll have to dig out my little watercolor paintings again for those days when I've got absolutely nothing lovely to say.

Fresh Hell said...

Hi Sweetisu~ Thanks for coming by the Gates. I'll be looking for you on the trail of NaBloPoMo.

Mrs G~ I actually went for an ice cream cone and a brisket sandwich. Worked like a charm.

Laughy Kate~ I operate on much a similar approach. I usually pop in The Princess Bride and transport so a place full of dashing men and happy outcomes.

Sassy~ you got off easy!

Ali~ At least we'll be going down together. And you'll never be mistaken for sanitized. Anyone who writes about the joys of pulling stalks of asparagus out of their child's arse is off the squeeky-clean list.

Savannah and Manuel~ I'm a glutton for punishment. I figured that the pressure of daily posting would get me back in a blog groove. Heh. We'll see about that.

Kate~ fine advice. I have a stash of "inspiration" sheets floating around and those will (I'm sure) get deployed aplenty in the course of the month.

Scout~ You aren't all that sanitized. Perhaps a good girl, but you've got an edge. A spirit in your writing that makes you very fun and entertaining to read. I'm looking forward to reading your months worth of this madness.

dive said...

Don't do it, Fresh!
I did it last year and it almost killed me.
I usually post every day anyway, but the fact that it was mandatory just sucked all the creative juices right out of me and left me a blog-dried husk.

Fresh Hell said...

Have faith, dear Dive, I can go the distance! It won't be easy, but I have a pit-bull's tenacity.