September 25, 2007

Wacky for Beef

One of my co-workers plays bagpipes in a pipe band. Over the weekend, there was a huge highland festival in New Hampshire. That peach of a piper thought of me when he saw this guy, and took a picture for me.

He managed to throw the hammer over the fence.

Big. Strong. Heroic. Hubba hubba.

My coworkers have a pretty good idea of what I like to look at in men. It must be said, though, that I rarely if ever have been with a guy like this. That's not to say that I wouldn't. End of disclaimer.

Long ago I planned to attend that highland festival, but I have a friend who was dancing at a fundraiser for women's charities in Rhode Island, so I did that instead. I brought me a hot date because it's fun to watch boys with a 'hall pass' to check out bobbies and booties, especially when they are shakalaka-shakin'! More to come on that.

I'm inspired. My knee is feeling better and I'm spoilin' to shake my groove thang.


dive said...

You do have a thing for men in skirts, don't you, Fresh?

Tell all about the hot date!

Fresh Hell said...

Men in skirts are so much easier to look at than men in shorts.

Kiss and tell? I'd never! It was actually an innocent enough date. Dropped him off with a kiss and went home to sleep. However, the man has a wicked streak 10 inches wide... at least that was how wide the red mark across my rump was after our previous date. And I came back for more. Hmmm ... what does that say about me?

dive said...

It says you're cool, you're fun and you're in control, Fresh.
And it makes me feel old. Hee hee

Fresh Hell said...

old ... NONSENSE!

The amount of control I have is subject to debate.

Art said...

Glad your knee is feeling better. And that hammer guy... he looks just like me! Except that I don't wear skirts, have tattoos, a completely bald head, or muscles that big...

Mary Helen said...

Hubba hubba is right! I also like guys with some meat on their bones - I used to always date skinny guys. But when I got together with my current bf who is sort of chubby, but has a lot of muscle - I knew I'd never go skinny again!

ellie said...

Glad to see the sugery hasn't taken it's toll on your hubba hubba hormones. Big men ... Mmmmmmmmmmm. I posted recently about once such man. Phewwwwww. Hawwwt!

Kristie Speck said...

Hey, I could make your ass hurt in a different way!!! you do it to yourself!

Sassy Sundry said...

Woo hoo! Scotish men and shakin. Dig it.

Grand time last night, Fresh Hell.

Andraste said...

There's wee...there's not so wee...and there's FREAKIN' HUGE!

My head hurts.

Good times.

Fresh Hell said...

Art~ I had a feeling that guy looked just like you.

Mary Helen~ Welcome to the Gates!
Men with a little meat ... can't beat 'em.

Ellie~ Thanks. I saw your post about that big handsome feller. ahem... he's dreamy.

Kristie~ You do it to me with your shimmy madness! You are a brutal taskmaster, ma'am!

Sassy and Andraste~ I'm feeling each of my 37 years today. Fun, though. Thanks for a good time!

Manuel said...


savannah said...

glad you're feeling better and ready to party, sugar!

Full said...

Obviously this guy has been on a stag night.
His mates hand-cuffed him to a post in the ground, shaved his head, pinned on a skirt and scribbled over him with felt-tip pens.
He was later wrapped in cling film and tied naked to a lamp post.
Happens all the time in Norwich at the week end.

Fresh Hell said...

Manual~ Heh!

Sav~ I hope you are feeling better as well, Darlin!

Full~ Wow ... I lured the brotha to my lair at the gates! [instert sinister grin here]

I've got to make a trip to Norwich. I'm really good at terrorizing over-served stags. We all have our strengths ...